Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death. - Arthur Schopenhauer



いつもどおりmstrpceにまとめました。ALL PLAYで作業用にも使えます。

  1. Half of My Heart/ John Mayer
  2. Beautifully/ Jay Brannan
  3. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall/ Coldplay
  4. If I Ain't Got You/ Maroon5
  5. Simple/ Mr. Children
  6. Bulit to Last/ Mêlée
  7. 裸の太陽/ YUKI
  8. Always Love/ Nada Surf
  9. 渚/ スピッツ
  10. Bubbly/ Colbie Caillat
  11. 素直なまま/ 中島美嘉
  12. Doesn't Mean Anything/ Alicia Keys
  13. どんどん季節は流れて/ 七尾旅人
  14. Banana Pancakes/ Jack Johnson
  15. このまま/ Def Tech
  16. You and I Both/ Jason Mraz
  17. Break Boy in the Dream/ 環ROY
  18. Ég Anda/ Sigur Rós
  19. Garden/ Sugar Soul
  20. Dreams Don't Turn to Dust/ Owl City
  21. サラウンド/ クラムボン
  22. High and Dry/ Radiohead
  23. 翌日/ Syrup 16g
  24. Try with Me/ Nicole Scherzinger
  25. 幸せをありがとう/ ケツメイシ
  26. Horizon/ Nujabes
  27. Sorrow/ Steady&Co.
  28. Never Let You Go/ Third Eye Blind
  29. For You I Will/ Teddy Geiger
  30. 染まるよ/ チャットモンチー
  31. Alien/ Thriving Ivory
  32. Every Breath You Take/ The Police
  33. Better in Time/ Leona Lewis
  34. Sooner or Later/ Mat Kearney
  35. Stat/ Lisa Loeb
  36. Shuffle/ Bombay Bicycle Club
  37. I'll Be/ Edwin McCain
  38. Path/ toe
  39. カルアミルク/ 岡村靖幸
  40. Life/ Des'ree
  41. Over the Distance/ 矢井田瞳
  42. Let It Down Slow/ Spiritualized
  43. Champagne Supernova/ Oasis


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